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About Us

Steve Spiech

President / Burgermeister

Finance Burger is driven to help small businesses have the peace of mind and insight to make good strategic financial decisions.  Our Bookkeeping services are designed to lay the foundation by keeping your books in order.  We then layer in the right level of fractional CFO support to make sure you have the business intelligence you need at the strategic level.  Our unique experience with small and large businesses, as well as business ownership, give us the perspective to see the story in your numbers and help you with complex decisions.


When a company's books have fallen behind Finance Burger can help by providing our Ketchup and Cleanup service to get the books ready for a regular monthly flow.  We can also help small businesses optimize their Finance department with our Advisory services. 

Finance Burger is led by Steve Spiech, a former Finance Executive, CEO, and Chief Financial Officer.  Steve is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), MBA, and has had papers published nationally on the subject of Financial Analysis.  He has been a business owner for 14 years.


Contact us today to find out how we can make your financial records a source of business intelligence!

Steve Spiech, Fractional CFO
Certified Management Accountant
Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor Advanced Certification
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What is Finance Burger?

Finance Burger represents the optimal approach to small business finance.  Executing each layer of the Burger effectively leads to a company's success. 

Business Intelligence 
Finance Burger

A company's financial processes should be producing BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE that leads to effective management and strategic business decisions.  This is where a Chief Financial Officer adds value and helps you see the story behind the numbers.

Business Activities 

These are FINANCE ACTIVITIES specific to the nature of your business.  They require “tribal knowledge” like billing a customer a certain way or purchasing one item because it goes with another.


All small businesses have FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS resulting from activity with their bank, credit cards, customers, suppliers, employees, and government entities.  These transactions support the business and, at a minimum, are required for tax purposes.  Bookkeeping services can keep these transactions in order and up to date.

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