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A Fractional CFO will partner with you to help you understand how your business is performing and help you make strategic decisions with this business intelligence.  She or he can even help you manage your finance staff.

  • I already have an accountant doing my taxes.  Why should I use Finance Burger?

Keep your accountant for your taxes.  They are good at doing taxes, but have they ever operated a small business?  Do they say, “I have seen…” or “I have done…”?  When it comes to small business, Finance Burger has the experience to do more than just the books - we understand and care about the issues affecting your business.

  • What is a Certified Management Accountant?

A Certified Management Accountant (CMA) practices management accounting which involves utilizing financial and operational information (business intelligence) to partner with a company’s leadership to help them make strategic decisions to drive success.  A CMA is a member of the Institute of Management Accountants who has passed a 4 part exam over two days of testing and is maintaining 30 hours of CPE (continuing education) every year. 

Finance Burger is a concept representing the optimal structure and purpose of all small business Finance organizations – no matter the size.  A burger creates the visualization with a top bun, bottom bun, and the good stuff in the middle.  The bottom bun represents transactions.  All small businesses have financial transactions stemming from activity with their bank, customers, suppliers, and credit cards.  These transactions support the business.  The middle part of the burger are the business activities specific to the nature of the business.  These activities require “tribal knowledge” about how the business is run.  The top bun represents business intelligence and is often the most neglected.  The rest of the burger should be producing information that can lead to successful management of the business and strategic business decisions to keep it growing.  Finance Burger provides finance and accounting services representing any or all elements of the Burger to help the company focus on its core purpose.

Most finance departments in small companies are not structured optimally for cost and performance.  Some small companies just have a bookkeeper with little financial reporting and no strategy or analysis.  Others have a Controller or CFO doing some finance tasks that an accountant or bookkeeper can do.  Still others have a family member whom they trust but is not well versed in finance and accounting.  Finance Burger helps you optimize your finance department by mapping the function with the right level of expertise.  For example, a company with a Controller may be able to get better results and save money by having a bookkeeper and part time CFO.

  • Why would I use a "Finance Coach"?

You would use a Finance Coach if you recognize the need for advice about your business finances but don't need a full time or even a part time CFO.  A Finance Coach can work with you once a week or once a month to help you understand your financial results, where your cash is going, and how your business can create value for when you sell it.

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We can help you with time sensitive projects related to your business not limited to the following:


  -  Cashflow Projections

  -  Key Performance Indicators

  -  Obtaining Bank Financing

  -  Annual Budget Development

  -  Mergers & Acquisitions

  -  Finance System Setup

  -  Forecasting

  -  Startup

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  • What is Management Accounting?

Management Accounting is utilizing financial and operational information (business intelligence) to partner with a company’s leadership to help them make strategic decisions to drive success.

  • What size businesses does Finance Burger serve?

Finance Burger serves small businesses of all sizes ranging from no finance department to multi layered finance departments.  In smaller companies we take care of your transactions and give you limited CFO services to get you the support and advice that most smaller businesses never get.  In larger businesses we can also take care of your transactions in addition to providing fractional CFO / Controller services and staffing help when it is needed.

  • What geographies does Finance Burger serve?

Finance Burger is based in Indianapolis, Indiana serving Indianapolis and its surrounding counties.  We are located on the Northeast side of Indianapolis in proximity to Geist, Lawrence, Fishers, McCordsville, Castleton, Oaklandon, and Fortville.

  • What industries does Finance Burger serve?

We serve most industries except for banks, financial services, and government agencies.

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